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Specification of the Research Plan Objectives

The chief objectives of the Research Plan Plurality of Culture and Democracy are as follows:

  • critical assessment of the current terminology in this field and its re-definition
  • comparison of Czech culture with the cultures of the countries whose patterns have influenced and continue to influence it
  • to evaluate the impact of democracy on American culture and on European cultures from the 19th century to the present, especially in the latter half of the 20th century
  • a fundamental and complex assessment of Americanization and globalization, especially in the field of culture
  • exploration and critical assessment of ideological clichés in literary and audio-visual production (primarily of American and Czech make)
  • investigation of the impact of mass and popular culture (literature, music, film) as a democratic or culturally deprivational element
  • analysis of the presence and function of ethnic plurality on contemporary culture in the context of cultural pluralism and multiculturalism
  • to map the reception of American culture in the Czech Lands, especially between 1948-1989 (emphasis will be put on the still unprocessed American literature in Czech periodicals during the communist rule and on neglected popular literature)
  • exploration of plurality in regional contexts, for instance in the American South, and investigation of local traditions, customs and myths- to compare the democratizing effect of American culture on Czech Lands with their effect on the culture of other countries, such as Russia, France, and Latin America
  • critical assessment of the division between "high" and "low" culture; and in doing this to propose new classificatory and evaluative criteria
  • to assess the conditions for best access for researchers to the book collections in the field of democracy and democratization (the Pavel Tigrid Library) and popular culture studies (the Gerald Bishop Library), and secure adequate study conditions for the researchers
  • to keep the public informed, in our country as well as abroad, about the results of the research in our printed output (monographs, collections of papers, articles in periodicals), as well as public lectures and presentations in media.