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About the Library

The Research Plan has its own library of popular genres (presently the only accessible and catalogued library of this kind. The greater part of it was donated by the British collector, reviewer and author, Gerald Bishop. The original collection contains about 4000 volumes, practically all of them in English. The collection includes mostly science fiction and detective novels (more than half of the items fall under the category of "science fiction"), while other popular genres (from horror, comics to romance and some branches of adventure novel) have only marginal representation.
The date of issue of most of the books and magazines is from the end of the1950s till the beginning of the 1980s. What is interesting is that most are the British editions, which are in comparison to their American counterparts, much less accessible. The library of the Research Plan has its own room at Křížkovského 14 in Olomouc, the opening hours for the public are every Wednesday 2.30-5.30 pm (except holidays); other days by appointment (see the contact below). The entire original Bishop collection has been catalogued and is now available in the form of an electronic catalogue (in English). Until we solve some technical problems (such as the protection of the delicate covers and bindings against damage and attaching ex libris) the books are available only on reserve or can be borrowed only by special permission of the Research Plan).
The room of the library contains several desks, a computer with internet link, printer and scanner, a librarian ready to help.

The ongoing projects and future plans

At present a long-term and very detailed cataloguing of anthologies and periodicals is carried out, and repair of some books damaged by the transport is planned. We also plan to buy and use protecting plastic covers and ex libris for the original Bishop collection. In the future we also plan to extend the catalogue and enlarge the collection through other donations.

Electronic Catalogue and Contacts

Library for the Study of Popular Culture

Library of the Center for Cultural Comparative Studies

Nathan Huggins Library

At present, the library catalogues are merged into the Central Library at Palacky University, Olomouc.

Contact the Librarian.